Our Story

Our love for Kratom started in 2015 and it rapidly developed into a passion. We decided to develop and brew the industries first and only beverage based Kratom. We began making Kratom Tea for our own personal use, we then decided that we were onto something special. As our close knit circle of friends and their referrals started to share success stories, Ultra Organics Kratom came to fruition.

Ultra Kratom Organics has transformed into the Kratom industries first brand to exclusively manufacture and sell beverage based Kratom. Today we sell our 3 exclusive Kratom Teas in over 450 stores nationwide. Our desire to consistently produce the highest quality products has never wavered, our passion continues to grow as more people become aware of the benefits of Kratom.

The creative minds here at Ultra Organics Kratom are always thinking of new and innovative products to bring you. We will never compromise quality for any of our products, as always, we will only offer Kratom Teas that we drink ourselves. Our passion for what we do drives us to be the best.

Thank you for joining our Kratom Tea family!